Mike Cammisa is a Republican Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District against Democratic-Incumbent Matt Cartwright. Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wayne, Pike, and Monroe counties.


Affordable Healthcare

“Every American should have access to affordable healthcare. We need to protect people with preexisting conditions. But we also need to be realistic. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing and hardworking Pennsylvanian’s are now forced to choose between healthcare and food on the table. It’s time for real solutions, not talking points.”


Combating Government Waste

“We are 23 trillion dollars in debt and Washington is out of control. We have to cut costs. I promise to start reducing taxes by eliminating waste in the federal budget.”


Education’s Future

“All children should have the opportunity to receive the education they need to pursue their dreams. I refuse to believe that we cannot find a conservative solution to the student debt crisis that doesn’t forgive everyone’s student loans and give free tuition. Families in the 8th District deserve better!”


Second Amendment

“The Second Amendment is vital to maintaining our democracy, but we have a gun violence crisis. We are tired of Congress’ inaction. We have to make it harder for people who shouldn’t have guns to get guns without unduly burdening responsible, law abiding citizens. I will prioritize a federal national reciprocity law, guaranteeing lawful conceal carry permit holders the right to carry across state lines.”


Securing America’s Border

“Immigrants play an indispensable part in the American way of life and are essential to our growth and prosperity, but we’re tired of giving out handouts. We must secure the border and prioritize immigrants who can become productive members of society.”


Our Economy

“Small businesses are the heart of America, providing everyday citizens the opportunity to fulfill their American dream. We must do everything possible to help small businesses succeed and that starts with reducing taxes and burdensome regulations.”