Mike is committed to ensuring that Pennsylvanian families keep as much of their hard-earned paychecks as possible.

Rather than simply cutting federal programs, he promises to start reducing taxes by eliminating waste in the federal budget.

Every year, the non-partisan Government Accountability Office releases a report that identifies hundreds of “opportunities to reduce fragmentation, overlap and duplication, and achieve other financial benefits.” This report, which costs taxpayers $1 billion every year, lays out proposals that will save hundreds of billions of dollars each decade. Incredibly, Congress and the White House consistently ignore the findings of the report because they are beholden to interest groups.

While it is unlikely that Washington will agree to enact every recommendation, there are steps where members of both parties can easily support. Updating the federal government’s outdated recording keeping and technology systems and sharing data between government agencies to combat fraud .

These steps, in addition to dozens more, can make government become more efficient and responsive to its real shareholders, the people.