All children should have the opportunity to receive the education they need to pursue their dreams.

America’s schools have consistently been ranked the best in the world, but in the pursuit for higher education, today’s American students are held back. Americans deserve unhampered access to the best education in the world.

Mike will work to ensure local public schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education – money to invest in hiring and retaining great teachers, new technology, and after school programs.

All too often the high cost of college prevents young American from pursuing their. With student loans of his own, Mike understands the struggles recent graduates go through – having to decide between their rent and a student loan payment.

Mike will fight to make college more affordable. Politicians like to promise free education or student loan forgiveness – nice promises, but impossible to carry out. Mike will seek practical solutions such as lowering the interest rates of federal student loans to match the rate of inflation (2.5%-3%) so that graduates can pay off the principal balance without getting so far behind with high interest charges. Mike will work in Congress and the Department of Education to offer free online learning opportunities. Instead of paying a university thousands of dollars to take summer classes online, students would be able to take courses offered by the department of education for free! Students may now be able to go to a four-year college in three years, saving thousands of dollars.

Mike will introduce legislation requiring the Department of Education create free online education tools. Imagine students learning calculus online and receiving credit for that course at their university without having to pay $3,000 for the class. Students could potentially graduate from a four-year college in two or three years – reducing the cost of higher education.