Mike believes small businesses are the heart of America, providing everyday citizens the opportunity to fulfill their American dream.

Mike’s father owns a small print shop that has been in his family since 1912 and he himself managed a local restaurant.

Mike will fight to reduce the regulatory and tax burden on small businesses by simplifying small business tax filing – making it easier for everyday Americans to save more money so that they can own and operate their own businesses, invest in new technology, and increase employee wages.

Mike grew up being told there was no future in Northeastern PA – to find a good job you have to move to Philadelphia or New York. Mike will work tirelessly with private industry, local governments, and in Congress to bring new tech and healthcare related jobs to NEPA.

Mike will support policies and trade deals that put American manufacturing at the forefront of our economy.

Mike will advocate for a reasonable rise in the minimum wage. The federal minimum wage was established in 1938 at $0.25/hour. Since its inception it has been increased 23 times (an average of every 3 ½ years), but not since 2009, when it rose by $0.70. It is time for a moderate increase indexed at the rate of inflation.