As a 24-year-old native from Hazleton Pennsylvania, I grew up like many others believing that if I wanted to be successful and if I wanted to have a good life, I’d have to pack my bags, go off to college, and get out. I’m running for congress because I believe we need to fight for a future in Northeast Pennsylvania.

I’ve studied Public Policy at the Bush School of Government, worked for the State of Texas, and raised PAC funds as a staffer on Capitol Hill... I’ve seen the shortcomings of government firsthand and it’s time someone from Northeast Pennsylvania not only represents our blue collar values while in town but while in DC too.

It’s time Northeast Pennsylvania starts to win!

I’m not just young blood, but a small business owner and community leader who will take the fight for solutions to Washington DC and do so with conservative values. The Democratic party they try to sell you today is not the same Democratic party of your parents and grandparents. I’m a moderate voice who will make a sizable change for you, your family, your kids, and your grandkids.