Mike’s Priorities

Mike believes small businesses are the heart of America, providing everyday citizens the opportunity to fulfill their american dream.

Mike’s father owns a small print shop that has been in his family since 1912 and he himself managed a local restaurant.

Mike will fight to reduce the regulatory and tax burden on small businesses by simplifying small business tax filing – making it easier for everyday Americans to save more money so that they can own and operate their own businesses, invest in new technology, and increase employee wages.

Mike grew up being told there was no future in Northeastern PA – to find a good job you have to move to Philadelphia or New York. Mike will work tirelessly with private industry, local governments, and in Congress to bring new tech and healthcare related jobs to NEPA.

Mike will support policies and trade deals that put American manufacturing at the forefront of our economy.

Mike will advocate for a reasonable rise in the minimum wage. The federal minimum wage was established in 1938 at $0.25/hour. Since its inception it has been increased 23 times (an average of every 3 ½ years), but not since 2009, when it rose by $0.70. It is time for a moderate increase indexed at the rate of inflation.

Mike is committed to ensuring that Pennsylvanian families keep as much of their hard-earned paychecks as possible.

Rather than simply cutting federal programs, he promises to start reducing taxes by eliminating waste in the federal budget.

Every year, the non-partisan Government Accountability Office releases a report that identifies hundreds of “opportunities to reduce fragmentation, overlap and duplication, and achieve other financial benefits.” This report, which costs taxpayers $1 billion every year, lays out proposals that will save hundreds of billions of dollars each decade. Incredibly, Congress and the White House consistently ignore the findings of the report because they are beholden to interest groups.

While it is unlikely that Washington will agree to enact every recommendation, there are steps where members of both parties can easily support. Updating the federal government’s outdated recording keeping and technology systems and sharing data between government agencies to combat fraud .

These steps, in addition to dozens more, can make the government become more efficient and responsive to its real shareholders, the people.

All children should have the opportunity to receive the education they need to pursue their dreams.

America’s schools have consistently been ranked the best in the world, but in the pursuit for higher education, today’s American students are held back. Americans deserve unhampered access to the best education in the world.

Mike will work to ensure local public schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education – money to invest in hiring and retaining great teachers, new technology, and after school programs.

All too often the high cost of college prevents young American from pursuing theirs. With student loans of his own, Mike understands the struggles recent graduates go through – having to decide between their rent and a student loan payment.

Mike will fight to make college more affordable. Politicians like to promise free education or student loan forgiveness – nice promises, but impossible to carry out. Mike will seek practical solutions such as lowering the interest rates of federal student loans to match the rate of inflation (2.5%-3%) so that graduates can pay off the principal balance without getting so far behind with high interest charges. Mike will work in Congress and the Department of Education to offer free online learning opportunities. Instead of paying a university thousands of dollars to take summer classes online, students would be able to take courses offered by the department of education for free! Students may now be able to go to a four-year college in three years, saving thousands of dollars.

Mike will introduce legislation requiring the Department of Education to create free online education tools. Imagine students learning calculus online and receiving credit for that course at their university without having to pay $3,000 for the class. Students could potentially graduate from a four-year college in two or three years – reducing the cost of higher education.

Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) healthcare costs have skyrocketed. ObamaCare was introduced with the right goal in mind – providing the opportunity for every man, woman, and child to have affordable, quality health insurance.

Unfortunately, Obamacare missed the mark. Many families saw their insurance premiums rise so much that they could no longer afford insurance. Mike will work to strengthen Obamacare.

Today’s healthcare market forces American families to decide between food on the table or life-saving medicine. It forces employers to lay off workers or close their businesses to keep up with premiums. Rather than offering a state of mind, today’s healthcare pushes Americans against the wall.

Mike will stand up to keep protections for those with preexisting conditions. He will support policies that promote competition and transparency in the market to reduce healthcare costs.

Mike will fight for an America-First drug pricing plan. American pharmaceutical companies currently sell their products in other countries at prices that are far cheaper than here in America. Mike’s legislation would put American first, requiring pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices which will drive down the costs of everyday pharmaceuticals and insurance premiums.

Mike pledges to fight against any Medicare for All proposal. Politicians don’t tell you that Medicare for all means abolishing private insurance. Many hard working union members throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania fought hard for their insurance benefits and Medicare for All would eliminate those benefits. Medicare for all is financially impossible and an unnecessary plan when we can accomplish these other goals.

Mike is a strong advocate of the 2nd amendment and will fight to protect the right to bear arms for all law abiding citizens.

American’s are tired of Congress’ inaction in working towards real solutions to the mass-shooting crisis. Congress must act to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and limit access to people who are incapable of responsibly owning a gun, without unduly burdening lawful gun owners.

Mike pledges to work on a federal national reciprocity law, guaranteeing lawful concealed carry permit holders the right to carry across state lines.

Mike has a Master’s Degree from Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service, where he specialized in National Security Studies.

He understands the importance of securing our border and stands with President Trump. He will support physical barriers, aerial surveillance, and increases in manpower for Customs and Border Patrol.

Illegal immigrants continue to abuse the asylum process and instead of taking actions to support legal immigration, a growing number of politicians have advocated for open border policies. The current asylum process and immigration laws are outdated, ineffective, and ripe for abuse.

Mike stands firm in his commitment to secure the border and implement a modern, 21 st century immigration system.

Hard working immigrants with skills that can benefit America should be prioritized for citizenship while refugees truly in need of asylum should be aided.

Mike will work to introduce guest worker programs to ensure American businesses and farmers have the necessary legal manpower to meet the consumption needs of American families.

Mike believes immigrants play an indispensable part in the American way of life and continued legal immigration is essential to America’s growth and prosperity.

Mike will stand against Sanctuary Cities and supports removing federal funding to sanctuary jurisdiction. States and local municipalities should not be allowed to combat the Department of Homeland Security and their attempts at enforcing federal laws.

Mike pledges to support DREAMers, children, who at no fault of their own, who were brought to America illegally, but know nothing but the American way of life. Having met with DREAMers and protested in support of the DREAM act while in college, Mike understands that these individuals are productive members of society who are deserving of compassion and a path to citizenship.

Mike believes the opioid epidemic is one of the most important issues facing Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Mike pledges to continue to fight for more resources for law enforcement in continued fights against drug traffickers and doctors who over prescribe these dangerous drugs.

In addition to these efforts, Mike understands that as a community we cannot attest our ways out of this crisis. We must treat this like the disease that it is and invest in resources and programs to help our families, friends, and neighbors get clean and stay clean.

Mike is (and will continue) to be a strong advocate for our veterans, millitary members, and their families. Veterans deserve the best healthcare available and unfortunatley our country has fallen short in this effort. The VA system is plagued with inefficiencies and a lack of resources and manpower. Mike believes the only way to give these service members and their families the best healthcare possible is to give them the power to choose their healthcare providers.

Mike recognizes the brave and honorable who made sacrifices for our country. He stands for increasing mental health services, workforce re-entry and development programs, and support services.

Mike believes we need federal intervention into this unfunded, Obama Administration, mandate. Following the poor choice of 32 municipalities falling victim to the Wyoming Valley Sanitation Authority, fees were pushed to the individual taxpayer taking advantage of residents and causing economic depression disguising this tax as a "fee."

Part of Luzerne County alone is shelling out $8.5+ million dollars annually, out of the local economy, with no end and no real results. Hardworking blue collared Americans, the retired and elderly are being “taxed” out of their homes. The trickle down has taxpayers paying four times at a minimum for their properties, church properties, nonprofits, commercial, local & county government properties, Fire Departments, school properties, etc.

Mike is a proud supporter of the End The Rain Tax efforts along with the Tax Payer Power organization and he is ready to take this fight to Washington, DC!